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Regent Resources Ltd is a privately owned resource company that has been engaged in the exploration, development, production and marketing of oil and natural gas in Western Canada for over 50 years.


Regent's oil and gas reserves are located solely in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The company is actively exploring for light oil and sweet natural gas in our current focus areas of Central Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan. Growth is also achieved through the acquisition of oil and gas production that compliments existing reserve properties.


Regent is a reporting member of EPAC and we are active supporters of local charities in the communities in which we operate.


It is Regent's goal to be the ‘best in class’ exploration and production company in our core operating areas. To achieve this we must have a thorough understanding of the reservoir characteristics of the plays we are developing. We strive to have the best operating practices combined with the lowest operating costs.


We also strongly believe that to attain the best in class status we must maintain a strong set of safety standards along with maintaining the highest social and environmental stewardship policies.





Chairman, CEO


President, COO


Vice President, Exploration


Vice President,  Land

Mr. Vaudry has been employed by Regent Resources Ltd. initially as a geological consultant starting in the year 1999 followed by the current position of Vice President of  exploration since 2008. Responsibilities include evaluation and implementation of the company’s exploration and development activities.


Mr. Vaudry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Calgary and is a registered Professional Geologist in the province of Alberta. He has over 30 years  of oil and gas experience.

Mr. Twomey has been employed with Regent since February 1, 2005. He is responsible for all mineral and joint venture activites. Previously Mike was manager of the land and joint venture groups at a very successful large independent.


Mike holds a P. Land Designation with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen and brings over 30 years of diversified land experience to Regent.


Mr. Bowlen is the Chairman and CEO of Regent Resources Ltd. a position he has held since 1984. Prior to that time Mr. Bowlen was Land Manager of Northern Development Company Limited. His current responsibilities are to oversee administration of all operations and provide leadership through development of long range planning and budgetary goals and to assess the operations effectiveness at attaining those targets.


Mr. Bowlen is also part owner and a Director of the Denver Broncos Football Club and he received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the

University of Notre Dame in 1976.



Mr. Pridham has been employed by Regent Resources Ltd., and its predecessor company, Northern  Development Company Limited in  various positions of increasing  responsibility since 1984. He is  currently President and Chief  Operating Officer and is responsible

for directing all facets of the

Company’s exploration, operations, land and financial functions.


Mr. Pridham has a Bachelor of

Science in Geological Engineering

from the University of Saskatchewan

and is a registered Professional

Geologist in the province of Alberta.



Regent’s core operations are located primarily in Central Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan. Regent's current production is about 1300 BOE/D, split 40% to oil and 60% to natural gas. Oil production is all light gravity in Alberta and a mix of light and medium in Saskatchewan. Regent owns interests in several long reserve life oil properties with active waterfloods. Gas production is predominately sweet with both dry and liquids rich gas.


Regent provides and maintains a safe work environment. The health and safety of our personnel and the safe operation of our facilities are

principal objectives of Regent. We are committed to providing safe and healthy places of employment and will follow operating practices that

eliminate or minimize exposure to hazardous and unhealthy conditions. Accountability for managing safe operations is shared by all personnel.


Regent is committed to conducting exploration, development and production operations in a manner which minimizes the short and long-term

environmental impact of our operations.


It is the policy of Regent to comply with environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operations. Regent takes into consideration

potential hazards to the environment resulting from our activities in the planning process in order to alleviate concerns during operations.


Regent Resources Ltd. is committed to exceeding the required standards of care for the prevention, remediation and reclamation required as a

result of our operations in the field.


Regent’s senior technical staff average more than 25 years of industry experience and are complemented with professionals in the Accounting, Land and IT side of the business. Regent also maintains a full complement of support staff for our professionals.


We have an enormous depth of knowledge of virtually every play in Western Canada. This includes a highly specialized understanding of reservoirs in our core prospect areas where we have worked for many decades. We are also highly focused and operate most of our properties. As a team we have drilled hundreds of wells, bought and sold numerous assets and successfully acquired many thousands of acres of mineral rights.


We are prepared to move quickly and decisively to capture additional opportunities.



Regent strives to conduct its business with our stakeholders in a transparent, timely and meaningful approach based on honesty, trust and respect. Regent works to address stakeholder issues and concerns within our field of influence.


Regent also works to develop and maintain positive relationships in the communities where we work and live.


Legal Counsel:




Independent Reserve Engineers:




Gas Marketing:


Oil Marketing :

Bennett Jones


Grant Thornton


McDaniels & Associates Consultants Ltd.


Alberta Treasury Branches


Phoenix Energy Marketing Consultants Inc.




Alberta Energy


Alberta Energy Regulator


Saskatchewan Oil & Gas




IEA Oil Market Report


Phoenix Energy Marketing


Head Office

Regent Resources Ltd.
1000, 605 - 5 Ave, S.W
Calgary, AB  T2P 3H5 Canada



Call Us:
Phone: 403-264-0018
Fax: 403-262-3996
Emergency: 403-264-0018 (24 Hr)


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